CBD Topical Skin Care Products


Creams, Lotions, Collagen Bath Bombs, and Lip Balm.

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When it comes to targeted areas of the body, topicals are the most common go-to CBD products-and SunMed CBD Topical Cream has a MSM base and use of our formulation technology that does not use waxy delivery methods. This will aid in quick absorption through the skin and reach ECS receptors. Topicals are meant for localized areas and is applied to the skin.

Winner of Best CBD Topical 2019 from the nation’s largest CBD expo, this top-selling product has been developed for targeting specific areas on the body. Our broad-spectrum formula includes cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil to replenish moisture and leave skin luxuriously soft while our cannabinoid-rich extract penetrates the skin to reach difficult spots. Carry it with you throughout your day for a fresh burst of natural plant synergy and soothing peppermint at any time.