How To Take CBD

Why do I have to take CBD with food? How much food do I have to take it with?
CBD is fat soluble, which means it needs to be taken along with a fat for maximum absorption. Taking CBD with food gives the CBD something to “stick” to, helping it to be more effective. CBD should not make you nauseous when taken on an empty stomach. Eating a full meal with CBD is not necessary; you can eat something small like a handful of nuts.

Why do you put the tincture under the tongue?
First/second pass refers to the compounds being metabolized by the liver. People use sublingual as a method to bypass this process because the compounds go from those sublingual glands and straight to the blood stream, to the heart, then the brain and the rest of the body. It's when you swallow the remainder of the oil that goes through first and second pass because its gone through the digestive tract, but whatever is absorbed sublingually does not. The rest of CBD oil is absorbed in your digestive tract.